Yoga Classes

What is Julie B Yoga all about…

With so many different yoga classes available in Dublin it is confusing for any yogi to know where to begin or what is right for you. Whether it is your first time on the mat or if you have been practicing for years it can seem like a bit of a yoga maze out there. It seems every week there is a new style of yoga to try but also one style can mean different things in different studios and every teacher will have their own style. With so many options and yoga words flying around it can be daunting- Deep breath we have all been there.

Julie B offers a wide variety of classes and workshops for all levels but all are designed with the same foundations and outcome in mind. To help you understand how your body should feel in every pose. Julie will help you to find your edge and learn how to listen to your body to get the most out of it in your yoga practice.

Having specialised in sports yoga and working with many athletes and a sports teams from a variety of disciplines Julie emphasises the importance of getting the posture right by understanding the alignment and what areas of your body you are working in every pose. Whether you are in a beginners or advanced class you will learn how to tune into your body. By combining different styles of yoga (including vinyasa, ashtanga and power) and her background in dance and gymnastics Julie offers creative and challenging sequences always with an element of fun.

You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga but you do have to start to improve!



MONDAY 9.30am Flow, Hotpod Yoga
THURSDAY 7.00am Hot flow, Oslo
7.45am Express power flow, Oslo
FRIDAY 5.00pm Flow, The Yoga Hub
7.30pm Nurturing flow, Hotpod Yoga
SATURDAY 6.45am Flow, Hotpod Yoga
9.00am Hot flow, Oslo
12.30pm Flow, Hotpod Yoga
SUNDAY 12.30pm Flow, Hotpod Yoga
4.30pm Flow, Hotpod Yoga
6.00pm Nurturing flow, Hotpod Yoga

The pose begins when you want to leave it”  BKS Iyengar