Julie’s clients have their say

Tim Harper, Former-Head of Performance at London Scottish and Founder of Harper Performance

“We brought Julie in at London Scottish to combat some movement issues we had identified. These were consistent across the playing squad that weren’t responding to conventional training modalities. Julie’s greatest strength as a yoga practitioner was her ability to effectively collaborate with our S&C and medical staff. She ensured the yoga sessions were relevant to the needs of the group and set at a suitable and graduated level for our players. Her coaching presence with the group was second to none. Julie successfully converted even the most cynical members of the squad to the benefits of yoga. I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie’s services to any high performance sports team.”

Professional athletes

Leon Jason, Professional MMA fighter and owner Fight City Gym

“I took private classes with Julie to help with my mobility and flexibility. She is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. Julie designed a programme for me as a pro fighter to add new strength and dynamic flexibility to my fight performance. I would recommend her 100% to any athlete or fighter to add a new dimension to their game!!”

Rory Sweeney, PGA Professional, Portmarnock Golf Club

“As a Golf Professional I am well aware of the affect physical limitations can have on my golf game. Yoga has helped my golf enormously and I have seen vast improvements in my posture and core strength. The breathing exercises Julie uses help me throughout the day. I have noticed increased upper body flexibility and stability, my shoulders are less tense and more open. The classes are challenging but also  fun and enjoyable. This allows us to enjoy the classes as a break from whatever stresses we may have, while also getting the benefits of yoga. I will be recommending her classes to all my clients.”

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Jordi Pasqualin, Rugby player, London Scottish

“Yoga was not at the top of my priority list. I couldn’t see how it was going to add anything to my training schedule. I was quickly proven wrong. The classes are a lot more challenging than I had imagined. It was amazing to see just how quickly I started to notice improvements, particularly in my flexibility. Julie was able to quickly analyse both the needs of the team and each of us as individuals. She designed the class to complement our training that day whilst targeting each of our weaknesses. I highly recommend Julie’s yoga classes.”

Ryan Paetzold, Private Client, Triathlete

“During my race last weekend I noticed a huge improvement. My legs and back felt great, stride was way more open, lower abdomen was way more comfortable, my core felt a lot stronger. In a nutshell: improved strength and core strength, better posture, relaxed shoulders, better stride and stride comfort, better breathing – better running. The fastest time I’ve done ever on this distance.

I’m stoked and this is only been in and around 8 weeks with the additional routine you’ve compiled for me to do at home. Thanks for the assistance so far, really looking forward to continued improvements.”

Corporate Client

Alice Kavanagh, Verizon, Analyst | Program / Project Mgt & Event Manager 

“Julie is our instructor for our Corporate Yoga sessions in Verizon in Dublin as part of our Corporate Wellness Program. Julie’s expertise are second to none, I feel that the well-being of any company is directly related to the well-being of its staff. Julie’s expert guidance, tailor made classes, fresh concepts and the rapport she builds with our group have transformed our wellness initiatives here at Verizon. 

 As a result of the success of the yoga classes we have brought Julie on board to offer a wider range of wellness initiatives to the team including workshops and stress buster sessions.

I would highly recommend Julie to any business.”



“The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga”  Yoga Banyan