Sports teams & professional athletes

Julie has a sports background herself and has used yoga to recover from many an injury. She understands first hand the multiple benefits of Sports Yoga for all athletes both physically and mentally.

Julie B’s sports yoga classes are designed to compliment existing training programmes to enhance performance. Some of the main benefits include:

Increased strength, power and flexibility

Through correct body alignment and control all leading to better reaction times, enhanced performance and overall body conditioning.

Injury prevention and speedier recovery

By improving body mechanics and awareness, yoga dramatically reduces the risk of injury, both in training and competition. In turn increasing competitive longevity and allowing more consistent progress. By enhancing circulation and lymphatic flow, yoga increases strength and endurance. It also allows muscles to process metabolic byproducts more quickly, powerfully speeding healing time and re-growth.

Better endurance

Yoga has also been proven to dramatically enhance circulation, digestion, and efficiency of motion, which all further improve energy and endurance

Body awareness and efficiency

Along with strength and control yoga also improves balance, stability and body awareness. Enhancing performance and also ensuring more efficient training.

Improved focus

Never underestimate the power of the mind. Practiced regularly, yoga can give you the awareness and mindfulness you need to take both your training and your performance to the next level.

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