June Workshops

4th June
2017 | 1
.00-3.00 pm

Destress and Release: Shoulders & Hips

The Yoga Hub  Camden Place, Dublin 2.

We hold so much tension and stress in our shoulders and hips which over time causes pain, tightness in the body. In this workshop we will work to unlock this tension and find some space in these areas.
I will combine yin and yang styles to stretch out and release the hips and shoulders. Working the muscles to find space and release some of the stress and going deeper into the connective tissue to find that release.
Finishing with a deep relaxation, head and neck massage to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed from head to toe!

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17th June
2017 | 1

 Intro to Hot Yoga

Oslo Health 67 Mespil Road, Dublin 4.

Whether you are new to hot yoga or want to learn about how to get the best out of your hot yoga practice this workshop is for you.
As with any type of yoga there are multiple benefits but it’s important to understand how your body should feel in each pose to ensure you aren’t going past your edge and over stretching which can lead to injury. We will use the heat to explore how to find more space in your body in a safe environment working your muscles in the correct way. You will how to control your breath as you move through a hot flow designed to build strength and stamina throughout the body.
In addition to a hot flow the workshop will cover the benefits of hot yoga and things to be aware of as you step onto the mat for your hot yoga practice.
Prepare to raise your heart rate, fire up the whole body through a hot juicy flow and learn to use your breath to build up internal heat but also control your postures.

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18th June
2017 | 1

 Twist & Tone: Core

Sweaty Soul,Unit 3 Excise Building, Mayor Square, IFSC, Dublin
This workshop will focus on the core with a combination of core strengthening, twists and transitions. We will work on strengthening up the core and look at how to improve transitions and balance by using your core both in and moving through poses.
We will also move through a variety of twists to help tone the core, release the back and give the digestive system a boost. Finishing with a deep relaxation to leave the whole body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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25th June 2017 | 1.00-3.00pm

Stretch and Release: Hips & Hamstrings

The Yoga Hub  Camden Place, Dublin 2.

Tight hamstrings and hips are the cause of an endless amount of injuries and ongoing pain for many of us. This workshop is designed to help release tightness, tension and stiffness in these areas. The workshop will be a combination of deep stretching and strengthening of these main areas.

Slowing things down to go deeper past the muscles and into the fascia and joints to give you a deeper release and help you to find some space in these areas.

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