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Lulu Lemon

When I moved back to Dublin last year after 5years in London I was expecting to have a few shocks to the system. Although Dublin is home, being away for so long things change. A surprising shock was the lack of good yoga clothes. I was used to having a large selection of stores on my doorstep in London. I was delighted to see the yoga scene in Dublin had transformed since I left. There were lots of new studios and events but a huge gap on the fashion side.

Feeling Fabulous

There is something exciting about ordering online and waiting for your package to arrive. But this is nothing close to the experience of going in store and trying things on. I think this is even more important for workout clothes. Looking good is one thing but they need to feel right on your skin whether you like a tight or a loose fit. They need to support you the right way to give you confidence and freedom.

It’s like getting dressed up to go out- if you make the effort you feel so much better. I’m the exact same when it comes to my yoga clothes. Granted, they take up the majority of my wardrobe. For me feeling confident in what i’m wearing when I work out, both in terms of look and feel, is crucial.

I am so excited that Lulu Lemon are now not only opening it’s first store in Dublin but I am part of the launch. They are kicking off their 4 day launch of their new store in Brown Tomas tomorrow, Thursday 30th March. I’ll be doing some yoga in the windows of BT’s on Grafton street at 10am on Thursday 30th and 3.30pm on Saturday 1st April.

If you are around town come and say hi and check out their amazing new store!

Julie B xx


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