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Loving my new Ombre leggings from Altar Ego

Brand ambassador
Brand Ambassador- Altar Ego Apparel

Julie B has joined forces with Altar Ego Apparel to as a brand ambassador. I am very excited and honoured to be a part of this brand. It is great to find yoga clothes that not only mould so well to your body but are also practical and I mean that in the best way. There is too many yoga ranges out there that look good but don’t last or are very uncomfortable to practice and teach in. The range from Altar Ego Apparel is extremely wearable and the designs look great too.

When I moved back to Dublin from London last year I had a bit of a shock when I went to find new yoga clothes. The big yoga brand names which were on my doorstep in London were not available in Ireland. Yes you can order them on-line but I really like going into the store and trying them on. Even the big brands have ranges which I don’t find very comfortable to practice in so it’s always best to go try the clothes on. However I had to go online to find my yoga clothes and had a few bad experiences trying new brands. It was becoming very frustrating and also very expensive.

Joining the team

Altar Ego apparel reached out to me after seeing my profile on Instagram and asked me to be an ambassador- I was a little cautious because I hadn’t heard of them before but also couldn’t feel the products. When my package of treats arrived last week I was very pleasantly surprised by both the quality a wearability.  As a teacher I often change yoga clothes 3 times a day so am constantly washing my yoga outfits. If the quality is poor they are useless after a few wears and washes. The Altar Ego apparel range is holding up very well so they are durable too. I’ve had lots of students ask me where I got them so this is for you.

You can have a look at their range here Altar Ego Apparel Use my code juliebyoga to get 15% off.

Happy shopping!

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