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As a yoga teacher the greatest part of my job is the students who I am lucky to teach and meet every day. As corny as it sounds- it’s so true. It never fails to amaze me the amount of genuine and gorgeous people I meet on a weekly basis through yoga. Some are one off meetings and others have turned into life long friendships. So many seem to happen just at the right time in my yoga dream. Many have left a beautiful footprint on my little journey.

Try & Fail but don’t fail to try!

Having recently decided to go back to teaching full time I have to admit I was nervous about it. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it work or it wasn’t the right time for me to do it etc. You know what I mean- when something scares you, you can come up with 101 reasons to get yourself out of it. I had been living in London for 5 years and was teaching yoga full time for almost 3years. It was challenging at first, being a new teacher in the big jungle that is London but, I loved it.

Within a few months of graduating I had a full weekly schedule and my confidence was growing every day. I couldn’t believe that I was lucky enough to be able to do what I loved every day. We have all heard that quote: ‘Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life’. I didn’t actually think that was possible but I was literally living my dream.

However unfortunately off the mat I didn’t have the support I needed. My family and friends were amazing and so supportive but most of them were in Dublin. I have come to learn there are people who talk about doing things and people who go and do them. I’m a doer- which doesn’t always work so well with a talker.

So I learnt my lesson the hard way. Instead of listening to my gut and following my dream I stepped back into the corporate world for a while. I felt like I had failed on my yoga journey. I kept up teaching here and there but it wasn’t the same.

The Yoga Dream

I moved back to Dublin a few months ago and slowly started teaching a few classes a week. Fitting the classes in around my ‘real’ job. I was very pleasantly surprised and to be honest a little shocked by the feedback I was getting from clients. I began to allow myself to entertain the idea that I could actually teach full time again. The break from teaching combined with a few bumps life had thrown at me had knocked my self confidence. As I began teaching more I felt myself coming back to life. That passion and love for yoga I had tried to hide in a secret box somewhere deep inside began to take over.

I was afraid to make the leap to full time teaching, I wanted to but again those self doubts and fears stopped me. All of my close friends and family were encouraging me and telling me to go for it but yet I couldn’t for some reason. Until two people very close to me sat me down and gave it to me straight. For every excuse I gave they showed me that it was only my fear speaking and the only thing holding me back was myself.

I was so afraid of failing that I almost let it stop me trying. I was so used to being in a relationship where my teaching was looked down on and belittled. It was almost a habit. I automatically found myself trying to talk myself out of it to avoid having to prove I was good enough. Until I realized, I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

The aha moment

I was teaching a class in September last year and I had a huge realization in the middle of the class. In classes I often see students getting frustrated. As a result their bodies were tensing. I stopped the class and put everyone into childs’ pose. I asked the students to notice the voices in their heads. To listen to the words they were saying to themselves and to notice the reaction in their bodies. I encouraged them to let go of the negatives and for the remainder of the class to smile when it got tough and to tell themselves that they can do it.

Now I know that sounds a little bit Miss Motivator like but it is truly remarkable how much we control our bodies and our moods with our minds. As we moved on through the sequence and began laughing and embracing the challenging postures I realized I was also in need of this mindset shift. I handed in my notice to work on the Monday and 4months later I can honestly say I haven’t looked back.

Feel the fear & do it anyway

I absolutely love being a yoga teacher, I’m living my yoga dream. Genuinely, I feel so grateful for the opportunities that are opening up for me and the wonderful people I meet every week. I am so lucky to be able to say I love my job. There is a different set of challenges to deal with when you work for yourself. However, i’m extremely lucky to now have the most amazing support by my side whenever I need it.

I have to say a huge thank you to my friends and family who have always been so behind me in my yoga journey. I also have amazing support and encouragement from my boyfriend. Who shows me constantly how proud he is of me for following my dream. He is beside me every step of the way to steady me when I wobble and listen to my worries. He reassures me that I can do this and shares my enthusiasm for every story I have to tell from my classes- he even comes to my classes!

If you can yoga dream it you can do it

I had to make the leap myself and I had to find that confidence and happiness in me. Once I did that I was like a magnet for positive people and opportunities coming into my life. I have met the most amazing yogis, teachers and students. Within a very short space of time i’m right back living my yoga dream.

If I hadn’t taken the leap, if I hadn’t tried my life would be very different. I know I will face challenges but I also know I can do this. Every little bump is not a failure it’s an opportunity to learn and grow both as a teacher and a student.

Julie B xx

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