March Workshops

Saturday 4th March 2017 | 12.30-2.30pm

Energise with Julie B

€25 per person for booking before 25th February

€30 per person for bookings after 25th February

Studio 12 Pilates, Malahide

Join Julie for this ‘Energising’ flow designed to stretch out and refresh the entire body. Julie will guide you through a flow to warm up the body focusing on releasing stress in those areas where we hold lots of tightness and tension.

The sequence will then move into a core strengthening and heart opening flow where Julie will work you into a number of different backbends to energise and refresh the body. Backbends stretch and extend the spine and hips bringing an energetic openness to the body preparing you for action!

Finishing with a guided relaxation leaving you re-energised and refreshed from head to toe.

Contact Julie here

11th March 2017 | 1.00-3.00pm

Power Flow & Fly

The Yoga Sanctuary, Malahide.

This workshop combines a power flow and core strengthening sequences- to loosen out and strengthen the body from head to toe. You will learn how your body should feel in every pose with adjustments to suit your body and help you find your edge. We will fire up the core in the flow sequence to help float into some fun arm balances to wrap up the workshop.

The workshop is suitable for all levels and will offer a range of options throughout to challenge you whatever your level.

Bookings directly through The Yoga Sanctuary

19th March 2017 | 1.00-3.00pm

Yoga for Sports: Shoulders & Glutes

The Yoga Hub

We store a lot of tension in our shoulders and glutes- for most of us our day to day lives leads us to hunch our shoulders and spend too much time sitting down which leads to extreme tightness, tightness and pain in these areas.

Some sports exaggerate this further e. cycling but in general we carry the tightness with us from our day to day life into our game / training. This workshop will work deep into the glutes to release the tightness and tension which we will then use to strengthen and balance out the body. The flow will combine deep hip openers with shoulder releasing postures- initially working deep into the layers of the shoulders and neck and once released building the strength across the shoulders. Leaving you feeling more open and balanced both on and off the mat.

Bookings directly through The Yoga Hub

March 2017 | 6.30-8.00am

Hump Day Headstands: A morning workshop

The Yoga Hub

A perfect way to get over hump day- turn things upside down. Whether you struggle to stay up in a headstand or are too afraid to even try to lift your feet off the mat- this workshop is for you.

This 90minute workshop is designed to help build both your confidence and core strength to give you the body awareness and belief to get you standing on your head. We will start with a flow to fire up the core and build up to some headstand fun with lots of different variations.

Feel the fear and have fun doing it anyway!

Bookings directly through The Yoga Hub


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