April Workshops

1st April 2017 | 1.00-3.00pm

Power balances & Backbends

The Yoga Sanctuary, Malahide

Finding balance is challenging on and off the mat- this workshop is designed to help you switch off from your crazy day to day life and get some time for you whilst building your strength in your core and back. The sequence will combine a strong core flow to help you ease into a series of balances, with a heart opening and back bending sequence to increase flexibility and strength.

The workshop is suitable for all levels and will offer a range of options throughout to challenge you whatever your level.

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22nd April 2017 | 2.00-4.30pm

Yoga for Sports: Shoulders & Glutes

My Yoga Body

We store a lot of tension in our shoulders and glutes- for most of us our day to day lives leads us to hunch our shoulders and spend too much time sitting down which leads to extreme tightness, tightness and pain in these areas.

Some sports exaggerate this further e. cycling but in general we carry the tightness with us from our day to day life into our game / training. This workshop will work deep into the glutes to release the tightness and tension which we will then use to strengthen and balance out the body. The flow will combine deep hip openers with shoulder releasing postures- initially working deep into the layers of the shoulders and neck and once released building the strength across the shoulders. Leaving you feeling more open and balanced both on and off the mat.

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23rd April 2017 | 1.00-3.00pm

Yoga for sports: back & core

The Yoga Hub

Many of us suffer with back pain, specifically in the lower back but instead of addressing the root cause we try to power through it thinking that bending our knees when we lift things is the answer. The key lies in the core. Every athlete needs a strong core.

This workshop is designed to fire up the core and build core strength- with initial benefits including releasing lower back pain and overall body balance. There will be a strong core flow combined with strengthening and lengthening poses for the back. By understanding how to use your core in every pose you will not only improve your posture and release lower back pain but will achieve a significant improvement in overall body strength to enhance your existing training routine.

Bookings directly through The Yoga Hub

29th April 2017 | 2.30-4.30pm 

Yoga for sports: back & core

Hot Yoga Dublin

Strengthen the core while relaxing!

Sounds perfect right? This workshop is designed to specifically help you strengthen and tone your core whilst stretching and relaxing tight shoulder muscles.

Apart from wanting killer abs as we come into summer, a strong core is really important for maintaining spinal health and a good posture. We hold a lot of tension in our shoulders, which in addition to a weak core can cause us to slouch (nothing makes your belly look bigger than slouching).

Julie will lead you through a challenging core flow, which will focus on much more than getting a flat tummy. Often the missing link in smooth transitions, balancing poses and inversions is a strong core.  Watch your practice transform as you train your core muscles to create endurance and stability throughout the whole body, with the added bonus of enabling freedom of movement and supporting your back and shoulders, freeing you from tightness and tension.

Bookings directly through Hot Yoga Dublin Hot Yoga Dublin

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