Julie B Yoga helps people realise the multiple benefits yoga can bring you both on and off the mat. Julie B Yoga classes are designed to teach every student how their body should feel in every pose. It’s not about rushing through a sequence or pushing your body too far to mirror the person beside you. It’s about listening to your body, finding your edge, working to it and pushing it when it’s ready.

Julie B’s classes combine a strong physical practice with mindfulness, breathing techniques and body awareness. This helps clients really tune into their bodies. To destress both body and mind and leave feeling refreshed and reenergised.


Julie taught yoga in London for 5 years before returning to Dublin in 2016. She offers a unique approach to yoga – combining her sports, dance and gymnastics background. Julie B Yoga classes and workshops will challenge you. Challenging you physically and mentally in a safe and fun environment through a variety of styles. Julie’s classes include vinyasa yoga, power yoga, ashtanga, hot power yoga, hot flow yoga and restorative yoga. There is something to suit everyone. Julie really helps clients to develop their strengths and embrace the challenges in their bodies and minds.

Finding Focus

Julie specialized in sports yoga during her time in London. She worked with strength & conditioning coaches for a number of professional rugby teams, MMA fighters, triathletes, marathon runners and golfers to help them realise the benefits of incorporating yoga into their regular training. This attention to alignment and getting the postures right is the key foundation through all of Julie B’s Yoga classes. Whether you are in a public class, corporate class, private class or sports yoga class with Julie B you will learn how to adapt the poses to your level and challenge yourself.

“I met Julie B a few months ago and fell in love with her dynamic teaching style so much so that I follow her all over dublin. In her classes/workshops you experience a thorough warm up, an intense workout and an incredible, well deserving nidra. Her passion and devotion to yoga is obvious from the time and attention she gives each yogi in order to better their personal practice. She shares information about each pose so you know exactly why you are doing it. Her energy and encouragement drives me to achieve the poses I have not yet mastered.  Her skills and capabilities on the mat are out of this world making her my role model.”

Claire Twomey, Student

“Be the change you want to see in the world…”  Gandhi